Feutz Contractors, Inc. celebrates its 93rd year in the construction business in 2018. It was in 1925 that the late Frank C. Feutz left his post as State Highway District Engineer in Paris to go into the construction business. From then until World War II, the company did concrete paving work in all areas of Illinois.

After the war, when Don Feutz and Bud Wright returned to Paris, the company engaged in the construction of local highways and roads, with effort during the sixties directed additionally to the construction of interstate highway work. The return of Steve Blair and Dave Wright in 1972, and Don Wright later in the seventies brought the third generation of management into the “family” business. Starting about 23 years ago, the return of Brian Blair, Scott Blair, and later Nick Hutchings marks the entry of the fourth generation of management into the business.

Effort in the last 40 years has been directed to the public works sector as well as to an increasing number of private development projects in Illinois and Indiana. Working out of offices in Paris and Champaign, Illinois, Feutz directs its attention to work in an area generally bounded by Springfield, Illinois to Indianapolis, Indiana and from Kankakee, Illinois in the north to Vincennes, Indiana to the south.

Projects range in size up to $15 million, focusing on heavy earthwork, installation of underground utilities - primarily sewers and water lines, streets, concrete construction, and concrete paving. The work program in 2016-17 included a large development project for Carle Hospital on the southwest side of Champaign, Illinois. The beginning of 2018 brings the 3rd year of working on this site.


Born 1891 - Died 1965

Frank C. Feutz was father to Don Feutz, as well as Father-in-Law to Bud Wright. All three men were huge influences on the business.


Born 1919 - Died 1977

Don Feutz was father to Jim Feutz and Jane Feutz Blair. Jane married Steve Blair, and the two of them had Brian and Scott Blair.


Born 1921 - Died 2008

Edward “Bud” Wright married Don’s sister Bette and was father to David and Donald Wright. Both sons are still active with the company.


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4101 Kearns

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